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Beat the bookies

The world of betting tips is divided into three types of tipster — all of who dream of beating the bookies.

  1. Those who meticulously analyse the sports betting environment and share myriad data like the pitch’s dampness and pretend they know which team’s going to be favored by the gods. Let’s call these guys “Oracles”.
  2. Then there’s those who know the sport so well they can predict the team’s strengths, weaknesses and why they’re going to win or lose. These are the “Fans”.
  3. And last but not least, those who sit in front of the computer crunching all kinds of data, stats and algorithms to determine a scientific outcome. They are the “Scientists”

To be honest, even amongst the “Scientists” there are loads of impostors, whether they are conscious of it or not. Some deliberately disguise themselves as statisticians and produce fake data to lure you in. Others tell you everything that “Oracles” and “Fans” would advise, by building a solid and statistically-proven model to seem even more convincing.

And then there’s us. TheCrackZ. After we successfully beat the Casino and Poker industries (read more about it in our About Us section), we decided to up our game and beat the bookies. And we did. Because we’re all three kinds of tipster rolled into one. We are both “Oracles” and “Fans”, but in particular, we are “Scientists”.

The method we invented relies on a heavy mathematical model that has nothing to do with weather conditions, nor the teams themselves. Its sole purpose is to find the bookies weaknesses and turn them against them. We just found some ADVANTAGES, nothing to do with oracles or possibilities, just mistakes on bookies’ odds. In that way, we truly beat the bookies. If you want to know how we do it, you can read a detailed explanation on Our Method.

We beat them, now it’s your turn

Since we invented our method, we’ve been using it for our ourselves. As you can see from the figures above, we’ve been quite successful with it. We wanted to test and perfect it before we made it public. Now, we’re quite confident that if you follow the same method we did, you will yield a decent profit.

Just bet on the odds we feed you, free from of fandom or hypothetical circumstances. It’s not about knowing how the sports work, it’s about understanding how betting works, find an ADVANTAGE and how to beat the system to make a few bucks.

Now, if you really want to make a lot of money and automate your bets using our method, please contact our B2B client services who will be on hand to accompany your investments.

We are all The Crackz,
and together we will beat the bookies!

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